An Antidote to Violence and Vitriol

The idea that video games are a direct cause of violence has been in the news a lot recently. Some of this news has come from a certain president who decided to focus on video games as a cause of gun violence, rather than addressing the bigger picture. I don’t feel qualified to write an essay on the realities of this, but what it did remind me of is that no matter what the facts of video game related violence, games are still undoubtedly responsible for many positive things in our lives, and the article that follows is aiming to show just that. Continue reading “An Antidote to Violence and Vitriol”


The Beast From the East – A Snowy Top 5

In a change to the scheduled programming caused by extreme weather, I have shelved my planned Top 5 Villains post, and instead have gone with something a little more topical (well, at least it was topical a few days ago) – SNOW. So having had a lot of time on my hands after being trapped in my house for three days due to a weather event called the Beast from the East, I have had the opportunity to put together my top 5 snowy locations in video games. Hope you’ve got some firewood at the ready! Continue reading “The Beast From the East – A Snowy Top 5”

Question of the Month – February

It’s still February folks, which means that there’s still time to answer February’s Question of the Month! For those of you who are not familiar with it, Question of the Month is a community event organized by Later Levels. It is a big deal. It seeks to address fundamental questions in video games and life that have been inexplicably overlooked. These holes in our knowledge, these vacuums of information need to be filled. But what on earth is the question to be answered this month? Continue reading “Question of the Month – February”

Sentinel, Saviour, Seer and Saint: The Roles of Women in the Final Fantasy XIII Series

In this article I’m very pleased to be writing about the diverse roles that women play in the Final Fantasy XIII series. It is proudly published as part of the Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium project, a comprehensive blogging project dedicated to Final Fantasy, which has been envisaged, organized and built by The Well-Red Mage, with some help fromĀ  OverThinker Y, heroes of the blogging community! I feel honoured to have the chance to take part, and look forward greatly to reading the other articles!

Continue reading “Sentinel, Saviour, Seer and Saint: The Roles of Women in the Final Fantasy XIII Series”

Final Fantasy IX: Paths in the Mist

For my part in this wonderful exploration of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium, I’m taking a look at the first Final Fantasy game to hit us at the turn of the millennium – Final Fantasy IX. Before I proceed though, I want to say a huge thank you to the excellent (and patient) organizers of this event – OverThinker Y & The Well-Red Mage for making this possible, and also to everyone else who is taking part, I really do feel honoured to be involved. Continue reading “Final Fantasy IX: Paths in the Mist”

Hero Worship (A Top 5)

Here is February’s top 5 list and this month we’re looking at heroes. The concept of ‘the hero’ in video games is a well-worn path. Those who have been branded with the tag are too numerous to name, and many others fill the role, even if their contribution isn’t recognized as such. But what does it really mean to be a hero, and do our favourite video game heroes really deserve to be called as such? Let’s take a look and find out! Continue reading “Hero Worship (A Top 5)”

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